What is retail theft in Florida?

The crime of Retail Theft is classified as both a Misdemeanor and a Felony in the state of Florida. The classification is dependent upon the value of the items removed from the owner’s possession.

This offense occurs when a person:

The offense of Retail Theft occurs when a person:

  1. Takes merchandise or property;
  2. Alters or removes a product;
  3. Transfers merchandise into another container; or
  4. Removes a shopping cart. 

with the intent of depriving the merchant of possession, use or retail value of that item.

Defenses to Retail Theft:

  •  Lack of Intent (ex: mislabeled product or confusion over payment) [1][3]
  • Abandoned the Attempt (ex: Defendant goes into a store with the intent to steal, but decides not to do so and leaves before taking anything).   [2]
  • Defendant claims superior ownership or possession rights of the property.  [4]

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