State v. Young

Court: Circuit Court for Fort Walton Beach, Florida Charge: Trafficking in Heroin, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana Case Category: Post-Conviction Relief Position: Our client was charged with Trafficking in Heroin, Possession of a Controlled Substance – Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana … Read More

State v. Odom

Court: Circuit Court for Crestview, Florida and First District Court of Appeals. Charges: Vehicular Homicide and Driving on a Suspended License Resulting in Death Case Category: Post-Conviction and Appeal Position: Our client on the advice of his Public Defender Entered a plea to the … Read More

Third degree felony murder

CASE REDUCED TO LOW LEVEL FELONY WITH COUNTY JAIL AND PROBATION REDUCED TO ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT TO AGGRAVATED ASSAULT Date: October 2019 Court: Okaloosa County Circuit Court Details:Client was charged with Third Degree Felony Murder, which although confusing, is a … Read More

State v. Fonville

Charge: Violation of Community Control on Original Charges of Lewd & Lascivious Conduct in Presence of Child Courts: Okaloosa County Circuit Court Case Number: Okaloosa Case Nos.:1999 CF 586; 587; 588; 589 Case Category: Postconviction Relief, Motion to Vacate Sentence Position: On advice of … Read More

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