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White-collar crime is often associated with businesses and management employees because of the opportunity to engage in crimes involving financial transactions. White-collar crime is also associated with computer crime, bribery and even environmental crimes. A person can even face felony prosecution for knowingly handling hazardous waste in any way without the required permit. These are some of the reasons you need a fraud attorney on your side.

White Collar Crimes in NW FL

The key to understanding a white-collar case is to understand the business environment. Most prosecutors will merely rely on the information made available to them by the affected business. There is often a lot of information which the business “victim” has failed to provide the prosecutor. A criminal defense attorney with a business background is therefore going to have a huge advantage in representing his clients charge with white-collar crimes.

Glenn Swiatek has particular knowledge and expertise to defend you if you have been accused of a white collar crime. Prior to becoming an attorney, Glenn Swiatek was the chief financial officer for a major hotel company. Mr. Swiatek knows the accounting principles which can prove or disprove the case against you. He will utilize those principles on your behalf in negotiations with the State Attorney. If warranted, he will be able to attack the State’s case should a trial be necessary.

How to hire a criminal lawyer when you’ve been charged with a white collar crime

If you have been charged with a white collar crime Glenn Swiatek has the knowledge and experience to assist you. Criminal law is not his sideline – it’s all he does. AVVO Profile.

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