Get Your Criminal Record Sealed or Expunged

Are you unable to find housing, employment, or have you been terminated from a job because of prior a criminal history?

A criminal record is embarrassing and can have serious consequences for your employment and personal life. Fortunately, the State of Florida gives its citizens several ways to petition the courts to get a criminal record sealed or even destroy an arrest record and your entire criminal case. Fortunately, Glenn Swiatek has the knowledge and expertise to process the paperwork, file the court petitions, and obtain a record seal or expungement on your behalf.

All arrests and criminal actions stay on your record unless you take action to have that record sealed or expunged. This is true even if no charges are brought against you, if the charges were eventually dismissed, or you were found “not guilty” at trial. In some cases, you may petition the court to seal or expunge the record of an arrest or criminal action. You will not be able to obtain a seal or expungement if you were convicted or pled and were adjudicated guilty.

Florida’s seal and expungement laws

Glenn Swiatek knows the intricacies of Florida’s seal and expungement laws. He is skilled in filing the motions and affidavits to get the arrest, citation, or criminal history erased from your record. He will consult with you at no charge to determine whether your situation falls within Florida’s laws allowing for your criminal record to be sealed or expunged.

If you were arrested but not convicted of a crime, you may petition the court to seal or destroy your arrest record and criminal case. This will allow you to truthfully tell potential employers, licensing boards, and others (with certain statutory exceptions) that you were never arrested.

Your reputation is one of the most important things you have. If you have been unlucky enough to have been arrested for criminal conduct, contact Glenn Swiatek to find out what legal options may be available to you to help clean up your prior criminal history.

Trust Glenn Swiatek To Uphold Your Reputation

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