This page contains representative post-conviction and appellate briefs and other cases of interest, prepared and filed by Glenn Swiatek. If you have any questions about the issues presented or the status of the case, please contact Mr. Swiatek personally.

State v. Young

Court: Circuit Court for Fort Walton Beach, Florida Charge: Trafficking in Heroin, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana Case Category: Post-Conviction Relief Position: Our client was charged with Trafficking in Heroin, Possession of a Controlled Substance – Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana … Read More

State v. Odom

Court: Circuit Court for Crestview, Florida and First District Court of Appeals. Charges: Vehicular Homicide and Driving on a Suspended License Resulting in Death Case Category: Post-Conviction and Appeal Position: Our client on the advice of his Public Defender Entered a plea to the … Read More

State v. Fonville

Charge: Violation of Community Control on Original Charges of Lewd & Lascivious Conduct in Presence of Child Courts: Okaloosa County Circuit Court Case Number: Okaloosa Case Nos.:1999 CF 586; 587; 588; 589 Case Category: Postconviction Relief, Motion to Vacate Sentence Position: On advice of … Read More

State v. Jones

Charge: Trafficking in Hydrocodone Courts: Walton County Circuit Court Case Number: 2006 CF 799 Case Category: Motion for Postconviction Relief – Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Position: The Defendant was convicted by a jury of trafficking in Hydrocodone and sentenced to a minimum mandatory term … Read More

Powell v. State

Charge: Driving Under the Influence – Fourth Offense Courts: Okaloosa County Circuit Court Case Number: 2007 CA 5354 Case Category: Petition for Writ of Certiorari Position: Mr. Powell’s driver’s license was permanently revoked by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The Department alleges … Read More