Criminal Defense Lawyer in Destin, Ft Walton Beach, Crestview, and NW FL

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges your highest priority should be to select an experienced criminal defense attorney. The urgency of your situation may hinder your ability to give careful consideration to finding the right attorney to represent you. Not every attorney has the knowledge and experience to handle criminal matters. Glenn Swiatek only handles criminal defense. Mr. Swiatek has the requisite trial experience to handle your criminal charges. He is also one of the few attorneys in Northwest Florida who is knowledgeable enough to handle criminal appeals and postconviction relief cases. Criminal appeals and postconviction relief are the most technical and difficult areas of the law.

Look for an Attorney Who Only Handles Criminal Defense

Ideally, you should select an attorney that only handles criminal defense. Just as you would select a doctor who is a cardiologist when you have a heart problem, you should hire an attorney that only practices criminal law when you are about to be, or have been arrested. If you had a heart attack, would you go to a general practitioner? Glenn Swiatek only handles criminal defense. He has the specific relevant experience to handle your criminal legal matters because that’s all he does – Criminal Defense.

Get an Assurance of Trial Preparation

Most often criminal cases are plea bargained or settled out of court. Attorneys know this. Many law firms will agree to represent you but will never prepare for a trial. They don’t review the evidence with you. They don’t test your case by filing pre-trial motions attacking the allegations against you. These law firms may handle a high amount of cases knowing that they will walk you through the legal process and may convince you to settle for the prosecutor’s first offer. The result may be a cost savings to you, but such a move may cost you more in the long run. A criminal defense attorney who only handles a select amount of cases and who prepares for trial is in a much better bargaining position than one that doesn’t. When prosecutors know that your attorney is fully prepared to go to trial, you’ll be more likely to get a favorable plea bargain. Even have the charges dismissed entirely.

Glenn Swiatek prepares for trial. He charges a reasonable fee for his work and emphasizes quality over quantity.

Obtain the Fees in Writing

Make sure you understand the basis for your legal fees or be surprised down the road. Each case is different and each case involves different amounts of time, preparation and costs. Glenn Swiatek will quote you a flat fee after consulting with you. There will never be any of the hidden costs that many attorneys charge such as for telephone calls, photocopies and postage. The costs of your case will be thoroughly explained to you in your free consultation. Glenn Swiatek will only charge you for third party costs which are billed to the firm such as for a private investigator or court reporter.

Please remember when it comes to criminal defense, you do get what you pay for. You must find a balance between the quality of your lawyer or lawyers and the fees they charge. The best way to do this is to find an attorney that openly discusses his fee structure and tells you why he or she is charging you the fee quoted. There are plenty of attorneys who will quote you a fee thousands of dollars less than other attorneys. Before hiring that attorney, ask how their office can quote such a low fee and what they will do to earn it.

Glenn Swiatek operates on a fixed price basis, and openly provides his fee structure. He does so during his free consultation at which time he will fully disclose – in writing – all possible costs and fees associated with your case.

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