How do I avoid having a longer sentence in a court?

How to get a shorter sentenceI am a criminal defense attorney and I am in court almost every day. Unfortunately, you haven’t provided sufficient information to properly answer your question. I would need to know you complete criminal history, your charges and which court that you are in.

As a general proposition though, make sure that you are well dressed and that you remain polite when addressing the Court. You would be surprised how many people fail in that regard.

Your job is to present as much mitigation evidence as possible. For instance a lot of my clients have mental health, drug and alcohol problems. Having an expert – a psychologist, drug rehab counselor, etc., shows the court that you are addressing your issues.

Having upstanding members of the community testify on your behalf is always a good idea. Everyone can get their family and friends to help them out. The Court is generally not too impressed with their testimony. However, having a city councilman, high school coach or principal, gets you a lot of bang for your buck.