Transmission of child pornography – Air Force sergeant faces 15 years in prison


Date: November, 2017
Court: Okaloosa County Circuit Court


Our client a Sergeant in the United States Air Force, suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He had served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was charged with Transmission of Pornography to a Minor and Using a Computer to Lure a Child. He faced a maximum sentence of 15 years in the Florida Department of Corrections.

On this case, we employed a team concept utilizing the services of Stephen G. Cobb a Florida Board Certified Attorney,  and the Amen Clinic of Atlanta, Georgia. Amen performs SPECT imaging of the brain.

Science has repeatedly recognized the value of brain SPECT—the imaging technology Amen uses with our clients at the Amen Clinic—for assessing brain function. There is a robust amount of scientific data that support the utility of SPECT for revealing the blood flow patterns underlying many different types of brain problems. Researchers at prestigious institutions that include New York University, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and The University of British Columbia, have collaborated with the Amen Clinics’ Research Team on a wide array of published scientific studies.


Using the Amen evaluation report we were able to negotiate with the State that our client would enter a plea to the bench with an agreed maximum sentence of 30 months incarceration in the Florida Department of Corrections. We had Dr. Jay Faber, M.D., testify on behalf of our client. Dr. Faber is a clinical and forensic psychiatrist. The result was that our client did not get sentenced to prison. The Circuit Court sentenced him to Community Control for 6 months followed by 4 years supervision by the Florida Department of Probation and Parole.